Why isn't my Bryston device listed on My Bryston?
Currently only BDP's running firmware S2.06 or newer are able to register them selves while they check for firmware updates. So if your product either isn't a BDP or a BDP running older firmware then it won't register itself and as such it won't be displayed. We are considering bringing this feature to other Bryston network enabled equipment and feedback is always welcomed Contact Us
Why isn't my BDP running S2.06 or newer not showing on My Bryston?
My Bryston works by comparing the internet connection that your BDP used to register itself with the internet connection your currently using to view My Bryston, if they are different (ie your on different networks) then your Bryston device(s) won't show. They just need to be on the same network and they also need to be on the same network to control the Bryston device.